Field Camp


There are a series of rules that you must respect in order to be part of this course. Infringement may result in expulsion from Field Camp




A. Rules:


1. No Smoking in the field under penalty of expulsion from the course

2. No alcohol is allowed in state vehicles or at any time while in the field.

 Students must completely be sober at the start of the field day, and remain so all day!

3. Under no circumstances will any participant be allowed to enter any mine shaft, adit, pit, or other workings--active or abandoned

4. Do not mark graffiti on rocks with hammer, marker, pencil, or other tool. The creation of even a small amount of graffiti on public lands, however remote, is considered vandalism. Students should understand that even if there was graffiti to begin with (unfortunately, there are!), they could be held accountable for adding to it. Do not think that a little graffiti is harmless. New sightings of graffiti, starting in Summer 2006, will routinely be photographed and reported to Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation (DNRC), and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

Please do not vandalize rocks; study them! You are a geologist!

5. Rock climbing or scaling of cliffs is expressly forbidden

6. Each participant agrees to be ready to depart for the field on time each morning and to be properly attired and equipped (including a watch) for geology field work

7. Do not arrive late to the pick-up point for return from the field

8. All students must carry and drink 2 quarts of water each day to avoid dehydration caused by the hot sun and low humidity

9. Official Georgia State University vehicles are to be used only for official field duties. They are not available for leisure time activities in the evenings or days off

10.State vehicles may be operated only by authorized drivers. Under no circumstances will they be driven by anyone else

11.Any private autos with the group on the Washington trip will be subject to the rules of the group and must remain as part of the GSU convoy

12.Fighting, sexual harassment, illegal drugs, and weapons are not permitted and are grounds for dismissal

13. Participants agree to abide by these and any other rules as may be issued during the course

14. For the purpose of safety/control and management of the GSU's Summer Field Camp in Dillon, Montana, all students are required to stay at the dorms of the University of Montana, Western in Dillon. All students also need to be in the meal plan within the dorm. These measures help to run the field trips out of the dorms on scheduled times and in an orderly fashion, and set up meetings during afternoons when needed. It also helps students to interact and support each other. This policy means that students should not plan staying out of the dorms when registerd in the Basic and Advanced Field Geology courses. Students not wishing to comply with this policy should not register for these courses.


B. Recommendations:


1. Excessive skin exposure to the sun can lead to poor judgment, sun-stroke, heat exhaustion, skin cancer, etc. Thus, each student is “strongly recommended” to wear a hat, long trousers, long-sleeved shirt, and field boots. Any student deemed not suitably dressed for field work will not be allowed to participate in that day’s activities

2. Try to avoid being late. Missing a pick-up time or field appointment will cause searches to be initiated immediately--a needless waste of time and money if you are not lost or injured. If you are late you also risk ridicule by the other students.

3. Even though conducted in rugged country, most field camp injuries have resulted from Frisbee tossing, ball games, swimming, and other leisure-time activities. Please use common sense at all times.


C. Other Information:


Medical insurance is provided by your student activity fee and camper insurance ($2,500 maximum claim) by the Field Camp account.  This insurance covers only ACCIDENTS. Is highly recommended  and to have personal health insurance. To be reimbursed from the camper insurance policy you must adhere to the following procedure:


Small expenditures under $100.00 should be paid for in cash at the time the service is rendered and a full, written receipt obtained. Field camp staff will give you the cash ahead of time or reimburse a proper receipt on the spot. Expenses over $50.00 require a doctor’s signature on a special form. Expenditures over $100.00 will be arranged according to the situation. Your responsibility is to coordinate with Field Camp staff to be sure that all bills (hospital, doctor, clinic, medication, other charges) are reported on the proper forms.




1. Shared rooms are reserved for married couples, or occupants of the same sex

2. All individuals will abide by Montana law, federal law and College regulations regarding intoxicants, narcotics and drugs. Alcohol is allowed only within the individual room. alcohol cannot be consumed in corridors, lobbies, TV lounges, other buildings on campus or on campus property.

3. Fireworks, explosives and highly flammable materials are not allowed within the residence halls or buildings or on the grounds.

4. Bicycles are not allowed in student rooms, study rooms or stairwells. They must be parked at locations specifically for bicycles.

5. Animals are not allowed in any location in the residence halls for dining room.

6. Hot plates or similar appliances are not permitted in rooms nor is any type of cooking allowed in any room

7. Remodeling or renovating of rooms or furniture, tampering with the electrical or mechanical fixtures or phones in the rooms, placement of antennas for radios, television, etc., out of windows, removal of or addition of furniture without arrangement with the College representative is not permitted.

8. Attaching any object to any College premise by nail, screw, glue or alteration of the premises in any manner whatsoever without prior permission of appropriate College representative is not permitted.

9. Parking in the service or fire lanes adjacent to the residence halls is not allowed.

10. Tampering with or removal of windows or window screens from any part of the building is not allowed.

11. Tampering with the fire system or fire fighting equipment is not allowed.

12. Removal of lounge or common area furniture into individual rooms is not allowed without prior permission from appropriate College representative.

13. The use and unlocking of common area doors which are to be continuously locked or locked at specified times is not allowed

14. Solicitation in any form is not permitted.





The College may exercise the following rights:


1. To enter any room or building for the purpose of inspection, repair or emergency

2. To reassign residents within a residence hall, after timely notification, in order to accomplish necessary repairs and renovation to the building.

3. To revoke the campus privilege including residency in or utilization of any of its buildings of any occupant whose conduct, solely in the College’s opinion, become injurious or potentially injurious to the academic community.