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Payments and Scholarships


Field Camp



Please follow the following steps to pay for the field camp deposit and balance in PAWS.


1.     Log into PAWS (

2.    Click the Finances tab

3.    Click the "View/Pay Account" link in the "My Bill" box, and a new window for PantherPay will open

4.    When in PantherPay, click the “eDeposits” tab at the top

5.    Select the term Summer 2019 from the drop down list

6.    Select Geology Field Camp from the next drop down list

7.    Enter the amount you want to pay

8.    Select the payment method and follow the rest of the prompts to submit the payment (you can pay with a web check or credit card)



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Field Camp Exxon Mobile Scholar award



This award is for undergraduate students to attend summer field camp. Twenty students from around the country will be awarded $2,000 each to attend the field camp of their choice based on diversity, economic/financial need, and merit.


Check the program information link for deadlines






NAGT Scholarships for Field Studies

Each year, NAGT makes several $500 awards to undergraduate students to facilitate their study of field geoscience. These awards, previously given to students who attend a traditional summer field camp, are now available for students attending field-based courses at any time of year.  Awardees are selected based on the importance of the field experience in meeting their educational and career goals, the quality of the field aspects of the course, and the importance of the financial award in allowing them to participate in the program. In addition, the committee endeavors to select awardees that expand the diversity of people studying geosciences in the field and a collaboration with the Association of Women Geoscientists (AWG) funds two additional awards specifically for women.


Program Information


Richard Gibson–TRGS Geology Field Course Award



TRGS Field Scholarship(s) go to students working on a field-based project in the northern Rocky Mountains. Preference goes to mapping projects in Montana, Idaho, and northern Wyoming. Based partly on need.


The Harrison Scholarship(s) go to students working on a field-based project involving Precambrian rocks. Based partly on need.


The Michael Thompson Foster Scholarship(s) go to students, researchers, or explorationists who best exemplify the prospector ethic. Awarded to those with a demonstrated interest and ability in mineral exploration, field research, or economic pursuits that advance our knowledge of mineral commodities and public commitment to responsible mining.


The M. Dean Kleinkopf Scholarship(s) go to students undertaking geophysical field projects in the northern Rocky Mountains.


The Betty Skipp Research Award for Field Studies in the Rocky Mountains goes to women graduate students for research with a significant component of original geological fieldwork in Idaho, Montana, Utah, Colorado, or Wyoming.  If funds are sufficient, men may also be supported.



Program Information

Ernest Fritz Memorial Field Camp Scholarship

Provides annual scholarships to students who are enrolled in the summer field camp course that are in good academic standing and require financial support to attend field camp. Set up an appointment with the field camp director to discuss your particular situation.