Geology of Georgia

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Geology of Georgia, a study of the influence of geology and geologic history on biology and biodiversity, is an intense field trip-based laboratory science course designed for science majors and minors and for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers who have a natural science background.


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  • For students to gain an understanding and appreciation of the of the geology, biology, biodiversity, and natural history of the major geologic provinces and eco-regions of Georgia and to produce in their own words detailed well-written field notes that demonstrate they have acquired such an understanding and appreciation.





Attendance is required for every class meeting and fieldtrip.


Other Course Requirements:

• Field trips are at the mercy of the weather. If inclement weather prohibits a field trip on a given date, the field trip will be postponed until the next available date. If inclement weather prohibits more than one field trip, I will try to accommodate new dates to the best of my abilities.

• Record detailed and accurate field notes.

• Wear comfortable boots or shoes, dress in layers for changes in the weather and bring rain gear if it may rain.

• Participate, contribute insight, and ask questions. If you have a particular interest that you would like to explore or if you are an “expert” on a topic, share your knowledge with the group. In my experience, input from students interested in birds, wildflowers, fungi, and snakes have added immensely to field experiences!


Your grade will be based on:

Attendance, participation, field notes. Writing quality and completeness of the 6 reports,

• Grades will be assigned as follows:


     90-100%    A

     87-89%       B+

     80-86%      B

     77-79%       C+

     70-76%       C

     60-69%      D

     < 60%         F